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Ability to capture coordinates at a sepcific point on map


The current maps allows you to toggle the coordinates so that you can see the coordinates as the mouse moves over the map. However if you want to capture these coordinates, then you have to stop moving the mouse and write the coordinates down by hand. It would be good if you were able to stop the coordinates from changing at a particular point (for copy and paste actions) or  to capture the coordinates by right clicking at a point and selecting "capture coordinates" ready for follow on paste actions.

Yep, this is quite annoying I know and is definitely on my todo list.

The reverse may also be useful.
to specify coords (GPS, Northing etc) and have the map highlight or center to that coords.
not sure if thats easier or harder, but thought i would add it

Nice suggestion, will add that to the todo list.

The ability to judge the distance by drawing a trace line on the map. This would enable a user to trace a footpath, road or area and then have it calculate the distance using the current scale.


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